In my experience, software teams don’t always leverage StaffPlus Engineers to their maximum impact. Some teams even treat them as nothing more than extra-prolific executors, leaving most of their potential untapped.

Do you manage StaffPlus software engineers, or aspire to do so? This post collects and explains my personal best…

Photo by David Sola

A couple of months ago, I asked Kent Beck to give me one piece of feedback about my leadership style. Kent is a colleague from Gusto and coaches many of us in the engineering organization.

Kent huffed and hesitated. He clarified that he recognized the level of bias I face…

A short eulogy for my father

Thank you all for coming here today. For those that don’t know me, my name is Upeka, and I am Upali’s (or Uppi as we called him) daughter.

Upali Ganganath Bulumulle leaves behind a loving wife, Rakni, and three children, Anushi, Arjuna and myself. Our partners, Ram, Niluka and Dilan…

Gusto Women In Engineering Roundtable Dinners

Recently Gusto’s Mango Team, our Engineering-specific diversity and belonging committee, hosted an intimate roundtable dinner for experienced women in engineering. The topic of the night was “Can I have a big impact without becoming an engineering manager?”

As part of our efforts on the Mango team and our goals for…

Introducing The Mango Team

Last year at Gusto we formed the Engineering Diversity Steering Committee, informally known as the Mango Team. Why mango? Because at Gusto, we tend to name our inclusivity initiatives after fruit. You’ll have to join us to learn why that is 😉

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

What is the Mango Team?

We are a cross-functional team between Engineering and…

A personal story about fertility and egg freezing

The first time I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to freeze my eggs, I made her cry. A procedure that looked to me like plain-old-science and an exciting new choice, incited a much different story for her. …

In celebration I read every sock joke I could find

As I mention here, I recently started my new job at Gusto as a software engineer. In celebration I read every sock joke I could find.

Here’s the TL;DR of the first post:

To summarize, while the circumstances were slightly unusual (the startup that I worked for was getting acquired)…

My new office wardrobe

In a few days, I start my new job at Gusto as a shoe-less and title-less software engineer. I am beyond excited. Although the circumstances of my job hunt was slightly unusual (the startup that I worked for was getting acquired), the engineering interview processes were essentially the same.


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crazy plant lady 🌱 senior eng manager @gustohq

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